"And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers."
(Al-Quran 51:55)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Imam Mahdi, Dajjal and Prophet Isa (as)

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The purpose of learning about this is that the knowledge about Qiyamah and the events leading up to it is one of the basics of our religion, and many Muslims don’t know them. When we learn them we should pass on the knowledge to our children and others. 

The Ahadith (Mishkat) have mentioned an incident that will take place before Imam Mahdi will be revealed. It says that before Qiyamah, Muslims will be ruling over Shaam and other places. There will be a huge war between the Muslims and the Christians.
During the war, a time will come when half of the Christians will come and join the Muslims, and they will both fight the other Christians. The Muslims will win, and they will be very happy.

The Christians who had joined them will say that we have won because of the blessing of the cross. But the Muslims will say that it was because of the blessings of Allah.
There will be a battle between these two groups, and the Christian armies will overcome the Muslims, and they will take control of the Muslim lands.

The Muslims will now wait for the emergence of Imam Mahdi.

Imam Mahdi

The Prophet (saw) was once in a gathering with his companions, and he mentioned some problems which will befall this ummah. "These atrocities will be such that no one will be able to find refuge from them. Then Allah will send a man from my family". Another narration says this person will come with so much goodness and benefit for this ummah.

This person will fill the whole world with justice and good conditions for this ummah, just as how we find that there are hardships for the ummah. He will be such in his justice that the inhabitants of the sky and every single being on the earth will love this person.
The Prophet (saw) said that Mahdi is from my progeny and he will be from the children of Fatima.

A Hadith says that this world will not come to an end until a time doesn’t come that a person will come and he will become the ruler of the whole of the Arabian peninsula.
His name is the same as mine – Muhammad bin Abdullah. We will refer to him as Imam Mahdi. He will take the ummah back to the highest status from the disgraced status.

At the time when there will be a ruler who dies in Madinah, Imam Mahdi will flee and go to Makkah. He won't want to take part in any feud and arguments.

Imam Mahdi will go to Makkah and he will be between the Black Stone and Maqaam Ibrahim, and people will recognise him to be Imam Mahdi, and they will say this is the person who was mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet (saw). He will be 40 years old at the time, and Allah will put the ability to lead etc into him.

The Hadith has given us the description – when he speaks, he will have a slight stutter. He will hit his leg out of frustration. Everything about him has been mentioned in the Ahadith.

He won’t claim it himself. He will not say I am the leader. People will force him to take the bay’ah – pledge allegiance and support to him.

An army will come to attack Imam Mahdi but it will be swallowed up by the earth before it reaches him. When the pious people of Iraq and Syria hear about this, they will come and pledge allegiance to him.

When it comes to taking over one particular city, he will advance with his army behind. They will not even need to fight. They will just say in one voice Allahu Akbar, and the whole city walls will fall down. They will then go and take over.

This is an example of the faith and Imaan of his army. Islam will dominate the earth at that time, and he will rule for 7 years.

After this, an announcement will be made that Dajjal has made himself present on the earth. First, the news will be false but when they arrive at the place, it turns out that it is true.


·       He is a human being whose right eye will be like a protruding out grape. Some say he will have no eye at all.

·       He will be short and will have curly hair.

·       It has also been ascertained from the Hadith that he will emerge from between Syria and Iraq, and his emergence will become known when he is in Isfahaan, at a place called Judea. He will be of Jewish origin and the Jews of Isfahaan will be his main followers and they will refer to him as the Messiah. As he goes on through the world, Jews and a great number of non-Jewish women will flock to him upon witnessing his false miracles. 

·       His name is derived from the root word Dajal which means to deceive or to lie. These two qualities will be in him.

·       He will be sent to mankind as a test, and will say to the people that he is God.

·       He will have with him a mountain of bread and a river of water, and people will be tested through this. Do they believe in Allah or Dajjal?

·       A Hadith says, “Those who hear about him should stay away from him. By Allah! A person will approach him thinking himself to be a believer. But on seeing his amazing feat, he will become a follower”.

·       He will cause droughts and famines to occur on those who don’t follow him. But when they remember Allah, they will be satiated.

·       He will be on earth for 40 days. The first day will be as long as a year, the second day as long as a month, the third as a week and the rest will be normal length.

         Dajjal will not be allowed to enter Makkah or Madinah. He will try but there will be angels guarding both cities.

·        A pious man will come to Dajjal at this point, and say, "I testify that you are Dajjal whose story the Prophet Muhammad (saw) told us". Dajjal will say to his people, "If I kill this man, and then give him life, will you have any doubt about my claim?" They will say "No". Dajjal will kill him and then bring him to life. The man will say, "By Allah, I recognize you now more than ever!" Dajjal will try to kill the man again but he will not be able to.

·       When he will go close to Madinah, there will be three earthquakes in Madinah, and every hypocrite and disbeliever will be thrown out of the city towards Dajjal.

·       All the prophets warned their people about Dajjal, but the Prophet Muhammad (saw) told us a new thing and that was: “Ad-Dajjal is one eyed whereas Allah is not”.

·       Dajjal will have water and fire with him. What will seem like water will be fire and vice versa. This will be a test of the belief of the people.

·       He will have the word Kafir (disbeliever) written between his eyes. Only true Muslims will be able to read it.

Prophet Isa (as)

Towards the end of the rule of Ad-Dajjal, which will have lasted for 40 days, his forces will be attacking the army of Imam Mahdi, which by that point has become very weak.
Everywhere Dajjal will have gone, he will have defeated the Muslims, and so the Muslims will be really less by now. They will have all withdrawn into their capital city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Imam Mahdi will order all the Muslims to come to Al-Quds for a final stand against Dajjal.

The Muslims will all go to Jerusalem, and they will lock and barricade themselves into the city, in order to stop the army of Dajjal from entering. The Muslims will be waiting in Jerusalem for the final attack to take place.

At that point, Allah will send help from the heavens. This will be the weakest point for the Muslims and the help of Allah will come, and He will send one of His great soldiers and warriors, who will descend from the heaven.

Allah will send the Prophet Isa (as). He will descend upon the city of Damascus (main mosque of Damascus on the east minaret), resting himself on the wings of two angels. Prophet Isa (as) will descend to earth and then go straight to Jerusalem, and when he reaches there, he will find the Muslims getting ready to pray Fajr salah.

The adhan for Fajr will have gone, and the Muslims will be standing to pray behind their Imam who is Imam Mahdi. Prophet Isa (as) will join the first row for salah.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “When you know he is here, go to him to give your bay’ah, even if you have to crawl over ice”.

But how many Muslims will there be behind him? Only 1200! Right now in the world we have about 1.7 billion Muslims, but after all the corruption, death and destruction, people following Dajjal, there will only be 1200 left!

800 men and 400 women! They will be the only true believers left on earth!

The jamat will start to read salah, and because its so small, Imam Mahdi will know all the people who are there. Just before he will begin the salah, he will look at the jamat, and see a face that he has never seen before. He will see the face of Prophet Isa (as).
At that point, he will realise that he is Imam Mahdi because he will recognise the Prophet Isa (as).

Imam Mahdi will then tell Prophet Isa (as) to come and lead the prayer. But Prophet Isa (as) will say, no the iqamah was made for you, so you must lead the prayer. Imam Mahdi will then lead Fajr.

What a blessed jamat this will be! The armies of Dajjal will be waiting outside the city to attack, and they will be praying salah!

After they have finished, Prophet Isa (as) will stand up and command the Muslims to open the gates of the city. The Muslims will be afraid and scared.

The Muslims will then have to open the gates, and the army of Dajjal will pour into the city. They will kill any Muslim in their way. At the head of the army will be Dajjal – he had been waiting for this victory.

This is the victory that he has been promising his believers. He has been telling them, if we kill the Muslims, the world will be ours! And they will have no doubt in their hearts because they believe that they are being led by God.

Prophet Isa (as) will be waiting for Dajjal inside, and when Dajjal sees him, the fear within him will be so great that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, He will turn around and begin to run, and he will start to disintegrate. Prophet Isa (as) will chase after him, and he will kill Ad-Dajjal with a spear.

He will remove the spear, and hold it high so that all the people can see the blood of their “Lord”. The people will realise that he was false, and they will see that Prophet Isa (as) has killed him, and only he would have been able to.

Ad-Dajjal’s army will stop, they will lose hope and they will be confused and not know what to do.

The Muslims will have won! They will kill anyone who opposes them or fights them. The hadith says that, A Jew will hide behind a rock or tree, and the object will call out to the Muslims, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him! So all the armies of the non-believers will have been wiped out!

Prophet Isa (as) will anoint his followers faces, and he will tell them about their places in Paradise.

Imam Mahdi will pass away a year after. Prophet Isa (as) will rule the earth with justice and peace. He will destroy the cross and everyone will go to him to enter the one true religion, Islam. He shall live by the Shariah of Prophet Muhammad (saw).


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